2020 Engagement Session Guide

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “What should me and my fiancé wear?” And it’s such a great question, because you can personalize the answer! Every single one of you is unique and beautiful and that is what I want to showcase in these photos! So I’ve tried my best to narrow down and gather all the ideas that can give you an all-in-one resource to find the perfect outfit for you!

Let’s start with style!

You should always dress in a way that showcases each of your personalities! You should never try to be someone you aren’t! Love who YOU are! So if you don’t like heels… don’t wear heels! If your fiancé hates sport coats… don’t put him in one (okay maybe the guys do need a little help, so try your best to help them wear what they’d like but heavily suggest options close to what they’d like or that match these guidelines lol!) You both are going to be doing some heavy supermodel posing and I want you guys to be in the best clothes that enable you to do these fun poses, and not limit you! So, wear what you both will feel most comfortable in!

Now how about colors?

Colors are the make it or break it for the photoshoot… just kidding, but they totally affect how the the photo’s tones are complemented! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend earth tones; dark greens, warm browns, etc. i also think gem tones and pinks and pales are great as well! You definitely want muted versions of colors because neons can cause quite the eye distraction, and we want all those eyes to be on your beautiful faces!! So try to stick to softer tones! As for color compatibility, I recommend always having your parter balance your tones, so stick to a similar palette… always wear colors that complement each other, so you can always match colors- but invert them if you do! For example if you’re wearing a white sweater and black jeans, have your partner wear a plain black tee and either blue or white jeans! It will flatter both of you so much more! Also make sure your colors are flattering for the season/location you are in, if we’re going to a bright green and flowery garden, try your best to avoid green, we don’t want you blending in with the grass! 🙂

Movement, Movement, Movement!

My biggest suggestion when helping my clients with styling is finding an outfit with movement! That means anything flowy, breezy, and light! Clothing with room for air and movement adds a whole new feature to candid photos! For example, I love having my couples run into the sunset, spin each other around, dip each other, and just cuddle up so when the wind and air have the ability to play a role in the photos, we can add a natural and earthy element that looks so majestic in any environment!

Bring Extra Options!!

Always, always, always bring extra options to your session! Whether it’s an extra accessory, or a whole other outfit… bringing an extra little something can give you so many more options when it comes to pictures! Say you didn’t like how your jacket photographed, maybe it was too baggy or too blue, if you bring another option you can change into, you’d feel oh-so confident! My clients LOVE to bring a variety of outfits with them, the most common combo is bringing one comfy option like leggings, booties, and a sweater and a dressier option like a long flow dress and some heels! The more options and outfits you bring, the better, just watch that clock! 🙂

Dress in the same category!

If you’re wearing a long and flowy gown, your fiancé should be in the same formal category, so he should wear a dressy shirt and maybe black pants, not cargo shorts and a baseball hat, it just doesn’t match well in photos! But if you’re wearing a denim jacket and a striped shirt, he’s more than welcomed to wear those casual shorts! It’s all about consistency, so keeping consistency with outfits can majorly impact the effect and ambiance for your photos! I want you both to feel like supermodels and look like them too… in your own beautiful ways!

Check out my Style Board!

In my spare time, I’m such a guilty Pinterest-aholic, so I decided to put together a whole board of outfit ideas for male and female options! These are just a guide in regards to my aesthetic and vision for photos but they really can help you spark a vision for an outfit of your comfort and liking! I’ve had clients match exact outfits from the board and some have their complete own vision based on a look found in there! So if you need to gather some ideas, feel free to check it out!
Male Edition: https://pin.it/25fwvk2zb72anb

Female Edition: https://pin.it/y25bredwg6x67b
I hope this guide can help you with all your styling needs for your big session coming up! Trust me I’m no fashionista or style guru, you can normally find me in leggings and my fiancé’s sweatshirt all day lol… but I do have some ideas as to what my clients and I seem to stick out as more flattering than average through the camera! If your planning for your session and have any questions or need help with ideas, please reach out, I’d love to help you find the perfect outfits and accessories to make you feel confident and make your vision come true!

Pamper yourself!

A lot of the time my client’s love to schedule their hair and makeup trials on their engagement session date, and absolutely you can! I do recommend leaving a good chunk of time in between your session start time and their end time because they do tend to run late and we want to make sure you are ready for our start time so we have enough sunset time as possible! Also, if you prefer painted nails, make sure to schedule your nail appointment before our session because your ring and hands will be a big focal point! Lastly, try and get your ring cleaned prior, so it will be nice and sparkly

Bring props!

Think of the theme you’d like to portray with your session… do you imagine a picnic, a polaroid adventure in the city, getting in a waterfall, a snuggly hockey face-off in the winter, or a rom-com bike ride scene! These are all amazing ideas that we can attempt at your session, just make sure to bring any props with you and don’t forget them at home!! 🙂

With love,

Cam Vitale
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