Angelika & Nick’s Sussex County Conservatory Wedding


Over the past few months i’ve been editing away with my overgrown roots in a messy bun, in one of my fave pajama sets worn in constant rotation, mostly with a Snapple in hand, counting down the days to do what I love again.. being behind the camera. And let me say, it was HARD! Being in a quarantined state has put a lot of reflection on what is most important to us. During this time Chris and I had to replan our wedding all over again to a new season, a new month, a new place, and even a new state! It was definitely a trying time full of rollercoaster emotions but i’m happy we got through it and we were able to focus on the most important part of this all… staying safe, healthy, and in the know!

So after A & N’s April wedding was postponed they picked July 3rd as their new date to celebrate! As the news and updates were constantly changing Angelika & Nick didn’t fret and their venue came to the rescue with a beautiful outdoor offering that was able to hold their special day, and so the countdown re-started!

Angelika and Nick, I can’t imagine two better people to describe as soulmates! These two were MADE for each other and the chemistry between them both is immeasurable… but i’m sure you can tell by all the emotion and giggles we were able to capture between them! We we’re so honored to capture their day and we cannot wait to capture many more milestones for them!

With love,

Cam Vitale
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