Hi there! We are Cam and Chris, a husband and wife photography/cinematography duo!  :) 

Together we value your day whole-heartedly like our own, we aren't a huge factory-like company... we're a humble mom & pop shop! Cam is the bubbly, Type A, with a constant artistic vision. Chris is the silent giant with the classic approach & vision, so together we make the perfect balance of candid love with a little extra posed guidance to make your day the one you can relive for generations!

We're the Hesses!

About Us

Horror Movies
2000's Pop/Punk mUSIC
The color yellow
new york rangers
grilled cheese & tomato soup
Colorful Blazers

My Faves

+ I'm a HUGE Disney fan, I've been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris so far
+ I've been a vegetarian for over 6 years!
+ I've never tried Peanut Butter & Jelly
+ My full name is Camryn but everyone just calls me Cam
+ I like onions on my pizza
+ I'm a total introvert at heart
+ I'm a Type 1 Enneagram
+ Will dance at your wedding to "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire

Some Fun Facts:

I'm the lead photographer/cinematographer and also the girl you'll be endlessly chatting with leading up to your big day! To me is is SO important to have a friendship with every one of our clients, because to be quite honest, I don't even like the term client... to me we are friends; we will chat all about your planning, how you guys are doing, the countdown to your big day, and even after your day I love to stay in touch! 

My style is definitely more candid, I LOVE those real moments, laughs, and kisses! Although I definitely  provide some guidance and tips and tricks ;) to achieve those big goofy smiles, I love letting you two be YOU! 

Hi i'm Cam!


Classic cars
One-Biting Pizza
Aztec print
Vintage items
Wicked Tuna

His Faves

- He is a full foot taller than Cam
- He's a sports junkie and loves the New York Mets and Rangers
- He's a true shopaholic
- Loves the outdoors, and especially loves fishing
- He can recite every line from Step Brothers
- Everyone calls him "Honey"

Some Fun Facts:

My wonderful hubby and bestfriend! Soon after I opened my business Chris decided to take the plunge and join me on this amazing adventure and we've been a husband & wife duo ever since! He's a mastermind with the camera and loves to capture the classic side of things- together we make the perfect balance of candid and timeless! 

He's also well equipped with dad jokes and movie quotes to make anyone smile!

This is Chris!