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Since you receive both Chris and I in every package we cannot offer photo and cinema bundle packages (we only offer a choice of a photo or cinema package for your special day!) To us it's very important for you to have 2 shooters; convenient timeline scheduling (since we can be two places at once,) extra angles/shots, you can double the amount of photos or double the length of your films, increased quality, and peace of mind knowing that every important moment and detail will have two pros ready to capture it! :)

Due to Copyrighted music material, we can only use music that is Copyright-Free or that we can receive a license for. Good news, we have access to several amazing music libraries full of music ranging from well-known bops to the best hidden gems! Selecting the music is one of our favorite and the most impactful parts of the editing process, as it helps us tell your story cinematically! On our questionnaire we'll get a few music preferences from you and then we'll take that info and select the best music that matches the vibe of your day, and that complements our unique editing style!

Our specialty film is the Highlight Film that ranges from approximately 3-8 minutes in length! This film is our staple film and is included in all of our cinema packages! This film features the key moments from your day in a story-like film! 

Additionally, we offer a shorter One Minute Teaser Film, which is a tiny film to tease at what is featured in the Highlight Film. It's the perfect length for social media sharing!

Although we capture your key moments in our Highlight Film, we know some moments are wished to be treasured in their entirety, so we offer our "Raw" Moments for this. We offer three "Raw" Moment options: the Raw Ceremony, the Raw First Dances, and the Raw Toasts/Speeches! These are individual videos that feature that special moment from start to finish, with no added music or color grading. We simply edit & combine all of our angles and audio sources and cut between the best ones, to make a complete and watchable video of that moment so you can relive it for generations!





Our Cinema Packages Start at $4,200+

Think we might be the PERFECT fit for your special day? Send us a quick message by filling out our inquiry form (so we can get all the amazinggg details) and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out, we are so happy to help!

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